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JavaScript library to help modern web applications with accessibility concerns by making accessibility simpler

# Selector

The selectors contain query selectors ("css selectors") used by DOM methods. They should not be used directly. Instead use the appropriate modules provided in the dom namespace.

It is impossible to query focusable elements by way of CSS selector alone, because certain element states can not be identified using CSS. You should therefore not use ally/selector/focusable directly, but instead refer to ally.query.focusable and If you need a correct result, use ally.query.focusable({ strategy: "strict" }).

# Contributing

While ally/selector/focusable will identify elements that are filtered by ally.query.focusable, the inverse is not true - whatever cannot be identified as potentially focusable via CSS selector, will not be returned by ally.query.focusable (with strategy: "quick") either. To identify everything, the query/focusable.strict implementation uses TreeWalker instead of document.querySelectorAll().