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JavaScript library to help modern web applications with accessibility concerns by making accessibility simpler


Determines if an element is considered keyboard focusable ("tabbable").

# Description

The function does not verify if an element is focusable. It expects input that is considered focusable, so isTabbable(element) does not always equal isFocusable(element) && isTabbable(element).

Consult the data tables what browsers consider focusable and what ally.js fails to consider focusable to learn how HTML elements behave.

# Usage

var element = document.getElementById('victim');
var isTabbable =;

# Arguments

Name Type Default Description
element HTMLElement required The Element to test.

The underlying rules can also be accessed in the options argument style by calling

Name Type Default Description
context <selector> required The element to examine. The first element of a collection is used.
except <focus identification exception> {} The Element to test.

# Returns

Boolean, true if the element is tabbable.

# Throws

TypeError if element argument is not of type HTMLElement.

# Changes

# Notes


There is no way to feature detect if an element is tabbable or not. The Element.tabIndex property gives some indication, but ultimately user agent sniffing (via platform.js) is done internally to fix mismatches.

# Contributing