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# ally.observe.shadowMutations

Registers MutationObservers across nested ShadowRoots.

# Description

This service registers a MutationObserver so that all ShadowRoots within the given context are observed as well.

# Usage

var handle = ally.observe.shadowMutations({
  context: '.within-filter-selector',
  callback: function(mutations) {
  config: {
    childList: true,
    subtree: true,
// stop observing

# Arguments

Name Type Default Description
context <selector> documentElement The scope of the DOM in which to search. The first element of a collection is used.
callback function required The callback to be invoked by the observer.
config MutationObserverInit required The configuration to be used by the observer.

# Returns

A <service> interface, providing the handle.disengage() method to stop the service.

# Throws

# Callback signature

The callback is invoked with one argument, an array of MutationRecords.

# Changes

# Notes

In browsers that do not support MutationObserver (e.g. Internet Explorer 9 and 10) this service does nothing. Mutation Events are too much of a burden on the browser, so not an option to fill the gap.

The creation of ShadowRoots cannot be detected reliably, w3c/webcomponents#390.

# Contributing