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JavaScript library to help modern web applications with accessibility concerns by making accessibility simpler


Determines if an element is :disabled, or was disabled by ally.element.disabled - i.e. the element is not focusable and editable.

# Description

Only form controls (<input>, <select>, <textarea>, <button>) and the <fieldset> element know the disabled attribute. While <fieldset disabled> inherits the disabled state onto descendant form controls, that does not affect the value of the descendant's disabled property. Even the detection of inherited disabled state via the :disabled pseudo does not work reliably cross browser. To make matters worse, Internet Explorer 9 - 11 also support the disabled state for <form> elements, with the same inheritance scheme <fieldset> provides.

# Usage

var element = document.getElementById('victim');
var isDisabled =;

# Arguments

Name Type Default Description
element HTMLElement required The Element to test.

# Returns

Boolean, true if the element is disabled.

# Throws

TypeError if element argument is not of type HTMLElement.

# Changes

# Notes

The <fieldset> element can be disabled, inheriting the state onto all form elements it contains.

WebKit and Blink do not properly support disabling <fieldset tabindex="0" disabled> elements themselves, while descendant form elements are properly disabled, see Blink 453847, Webkit 141086.

# Contributing